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Comparison of three traditional approaches to unsaturated fatty acids



1, traditional fish oil;                                                        2, flax oil in OMEGA-3;                                                3, purple oil

Omega-3 in traditional fish oil and flax oil has side effects that cause intestinal discomfort.

But zisebine oil does not have this side effect.

Deep-sea fish oil reduces the risk of coronary arteriosclerosis, in addition to which fish oil can limit abnormal platelet coagulation and prevent heart attacks and thrombosis, preventstroke.

In this regard, purple seed oil has a stronger effect than fish oil.

In the mice's experiments, the reduction of white blood cell triene B4 synthesis in calcium ion vector neutrophils was the most efficient, by controlling the synthesis of white blood cell triene B4, can reduce the risk of arrhythmia and sudden cardiac death.

If you consume 3-4 grams of alpha-linolenic acid per day, you can resist coronary artery disease in the heart.

Animal experiments showed that two groups of mice were fed fish oil and purple oil, and the fish oil group found that DHA accumulated phospholipids in the liver and heart, while purple oil did not.

Chinese medicine in China believes that: "The herb" said that the purple su has "scatter cold gas, clear lung gas, wide medium gas, safe gas, gas, sputum gas" role. And gas on blood has a "life, line, film" effect.

Especially the role of the blood line, more prominent. It can also be understood in this way, purple sulli gas, gas to line blood.