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The therapeutic effect of zisu extract and the effect of the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)



Purple su is rich in a large number of alpha-linolenic acid and a variety of vitamins, minerals, but also contains a variety of bioactive substances such as zisuaceandl, lilac phenol. These substances have a broad-spectrum therapeutic effect by acting on the cellular substructure of microorganisms.

13 Important Effects of Purple Extract:

1. Lower blood lipids and blood pressure 2. Enhance dysentery 3. Prevention of diabetes 4. Prevention of cancer 5. Weight loss 6. Prevention of stroke and myocardial infarction 7. Clean up harmful substances in the blood and prevent heart disease 8. Relief menopause syndrome 9. Boost attention and memory 10. Enhance attention and memory 10. Assisted treatment of multiple sclerosis 12. Auxiliary treatment rheumatoid arthritis 12. For skin or ecsopathy 13 prevention and treatment, diarrhea and gastrointestinal syndrome

1, regulate the role of blood lipids

Blood lipid abnormality is a serious threat to human health and life, it is an important risk factor for the formation and progression of atherosclerosis lesions, and it has been shown that lipid-regulating drugs can delay the occurrence of atherosclerosis events such as myocardial infarction and stroke. Many experiments have shown that alpha-linolenic acid has the effect of lowering serum total cholesterol (TC), triglycerides (TG), low-density lipoprotein sebum and very low density protein, which increases serum hdulate lipoprotein.

2, prevention of infarction

The regulating lipid function of alpha-linolenic acid can reduce cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, VLDL, elevated HDL, and play the role of anti-thrombosis. Taking 1.2g/d of alpha-linolenic acid for 120 days, the density of cholesterol crystallization under the microscope can be significantly reduced, and large lipid patches can disappear.

3, reduce viscosity oxygenation

For blood viscosity, there is no targeted drugs, in this regard, alpha-linolenic acid has its unique role. Alpha-linolenic acid can regulate the metabolism of sugar, fat and protein, reduce the level of soluble proteins in the blood, increase blood flow, in the supplement of alpha-linolenic acid can be seen in about 90 days. The proportion of alpha-linolenic acid in cell membrane phospholipids increased, the fluidity of the membrane increased, while the cell membrane surface with increased electricity, the adhesion between cells can be significantly improved, adhesion cells generally in the supplementof alpha-linolenic acid after 30 days significantly dispersed.

4, on diabetes

Alpha-linolenic acid promotes insulin beta-cells to secrete insulin and keep insulin stable in the blood, reducing the resistance of target cells to insulin, increasing the sensitivity of insulin receptors on the cell membrane, and reducing insulin antagonist.

5, lower blood pressure

Alpha-linolenic acid and its metabolites EPA and DHA can lower blood pressure in patients with hypertension, and taking 1.2 grams per day can reduce systolic, diastolic and average arterial pressure by 10 mmHg, while normal blood pressure is virtually unaffected.

6, weight loss

Alpha-linolenic acid is different from any other drug in reducing the weight of obese patients. It is mainly achieved by the following two ways: first, to increase the metabolic rate, and second, to inhibit the synthesis of triglycerides, increase the excretion of various lipids in the body. However, to achieve weight loss, the amount taken should be relatively increased.

7, inhibit allergic reactions

The rats were given feed for high alpha-linolenic acid and high linoleic acid (safflower oil), reared for two generations, the abdominal cavity was injected with glycogen, concentrated in neutral white blood cells, and stimulated to release LT-type substances, which were then quantified. There was no significant difference in the total amount of LT released, but there was a large difference in the proportion of b4 and weak B5.

8, anti-inflammatory effect

(1) The effect of alpha-linolenic acid on the inflammatory media of lipids

Alpha-linolenic acid metabolites EPA is a similar to AA, through competition for the same enzyme line, the production of prostaglandin PGE3 and pentoline LT5 inhibits the production of PGE2 and LT4, compared with PGE2 and LT4, PGE3 and LT5 have little effect on inflammatory activity, therefore, alpha-linoleic acid has a good anti-inflammatory effect in the body.

(2) The effect of alpha-linolenic acid on peptide inflammatory media (cytokines)

Alpha-linolenic acid can obviously inhibit the production of cytokines, but its mechanism is not clear. Taking 56% purity alpha-linolenic acid for 4 weeks, the concentration of white blood cells in the body increased, AND the production of IL-I beta and TNF-alpha can be suppressed by about 30%.

9, protect the vision

If DHA is lacking, vision is reduced and retinal reflexes can recover longer. Because as soon as the retina touches the light, it reacts, resulting in a potential change that is then transmitted through the nerves to the brain. Two generations of rats reared with series of sage oil, alpha-linolenic acid, and then given light with different intensity to produce potential changes to compare the size of alpha and beta waves (amplitude) of cell membrane alpotent and beta waves to determine retinal reflex. The results showed that the amplitude was corresponding to the content of alpha-linolenic acid, i.e. the order of safflower oil, control group, alpha-linolenic acid was increased. The use of monkey experiments also showed that alpha-linolenic acid deficiency, then vision loss.

10. Enhance intelligence

Twenty-two carbon hexaenoic acid (DHA) from alpha-linolenic acid is abundant in the brain nerve and retina, and the development of the brain from fetus to lactation is very important. Most of the brain cell division has ended by the time of leaving the milk, and the number of nerve cells is not greatly increased, so alpha-linolenic acid supplementation from pregnancy to lactation is very necessary.

11. Impact on infants

Alpha-linolenic acid can improve the brain development and brain nerve function of fetal babies, enhance the brain cell information function, promote the normal development of the human brain, pregnant women can ingest the full amount of alpha-linolenic acid, fetal brain nerve cells develop well, function strong, the baby's brain glial cells are more, growth is good.