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The role of purple seed oil



(1) Liver protection (2) anti-thrombosis, blood lipid reduction (3) improve memory, protect vision (4) to relieve allergic reactions (5) to delay aging.

Comparison table of nutrients between zisebine oil and walnut oil

Fatty acid composition (%)

Walnut Oil

Purple seed oil

Saturated fatty acids



Monounsaturated fatty acids

Omega-9 Oleic Acid





Polyunsaturated fatty acids



Omega-6 linoleic acid

-3 alpha-linolenic acid








"Warm Tip" Zisu seed oil in the content of linoleic acid 5-6 times walnut oil, is more than 50 times olive oil, linoleic acid is the best nutrition to promote the development of nerve cells in the brain, for infant brain development, intellectual development and vision development is very good, is an essential pregnancy tonic for the birth of healthy and intelligent babies. A bottle of sugu oil has an amount of linoleic acid equivalent to six bottles of walnut oil or 50 bottles of olive oil, is the most efficient linoleic acid supplement, can be said to be a replacement product for super walnut oil, is the best choice for pregnant mothers to supplement linoleic acid. For pregnant mothers who are pregnant with babies, ordinary cosmetics contain more chemical sin, after use of transdermal absorption will affect the health of the baby, then how can the pregnant mother be as beautiful and generous as before, but also to the baby without any harm? Su-seed oil is just a great choice. 】

Benefits for pregnant women

The benefits of the pregnant woman: zisu seed oil is a rare plant purple su seed extracted from a high-level functional edible oil, purple su oil contains a large amount of alpha-linoleic acid, content of up to 50% to 65%, is the highest content of all edible vegetable oil. The content is 20 to 85 times that of most cooking oil sons and markets. Since ancient times, purple su has a medical record and edible history, purple su seeds can be eaten and squeezed oil, leaves can be made health dishes, roots can be used as a gas-safe fetal medicine, can be said that "purple su body is treasure." What is alpha-linolenic acid? What are the benefits for pregnant women and fetuses? Alpha-linolenic acid is an essential fatty acid in the body, the body can not be synthesized, must be obtained from food. The lack of alpha-linolenic acid in the human body can lead to various functional disorders and metabolic disorders. The lack of alpha-linolenic acid in humans has been identified as a worldwide problem, particularly for the development of the brains of fetuses, infants and children. Medicine have confirmed that 60% of the brain is made up of certain fatty acids, and only alpha-linolenic acid can synthesize DHA in the body to complete brain development. Therefore, it plays a substantial role in improving the brain development and brain nerve function of fetal to school-age children, enhancing the information function of brain cells, and promoting the normal development of the human brain. Foreign studies have confirmed that children who supplement alpha-linolenic acid supplements have an average IQ of 20 to 30 points higher than social groups (the central 10 programs have been broadcast). Alpha-linolenic acid enhances fetal vision development, and a decrease in DHA in the phospholipids of the fetus' retina can significantly impair fetal vision if there is a lack of food containing alpha-linolenic acid in the diet of pregnant women or infants and young children after birth. Alpha-linolenic acid promotes fetal function and physical development, especially for stunted fetuses can promote the development of the body to normal levels, reduce the intake of other fatty acids in common cooking oil to control maternal weight, and promote the recovery of the skin and body shape after birth. Promotes lactation and increases dHA content in breast milk. Increased maternal physical resistance.